Wendi A. Rogers Mentor/Protégé Program   

DAPA's Mentor-Protégé Program is committed to promoting professionalism and career development, as well as instilling high ethical behavior in paralegals that are new to the profession. We are here to contribute to the success of, as well as set the standards for, new paralegals and paralegal students. DAPA believes it is crucial for tenured paralegals to share their knowledge with upcoming paralegals to help foster growth and maintain and/or raise the standards of the profession. By pairing new paralegals with "seasoned" or senior paralegals, DAPA's Mentor-Protégé Program offers numerous benefits:


  • The  Program encourages students to become more engaged in the paralegal profession, as well as DAPA
  • DAPA's Protégé's receive immeasurable support from their Mentors to help to contribute to their success in the profession
  • DAPA's Mentors act as a trusted counselors and provide guidance to the new paralegal
  • The Program provides Protégé's with additional opportunities to network with other legal professionals and develop new relationships
  • DAPA's Mentors are able to enhance the Protégé's skills and soon become an invaluable resource to the new paralegal


What are the requirements for a Protégé? A DAPA Protégé must be a member in good standing of DAPA and must have three (3) years or less substantive paralegal experience.


What are the requirements for a Mentor? A DAPA Mentor must be a member in good standing of DAPA; must have at least five (5) years substantive paralegal experience; must be willing to assist a new paralegal by answering questions relating to his/her area(s) of the law, or other general paralegal-related questions, including involvement in local, state and national paralegal associations; and must agree to be accessible to his/her Protégé on an as-needed basis throughout the year. At a minimum, Mentors should meet and/or communicate with their Protégé's on a monthly basis.


If you are interested in serving as a Mentor, or would like to have a Mentor assigned to you, please complete the appropriate Mentor application or Protege application and email to


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