The Dallas Area Paralegal Association (DAPA) was formed on October 23, 1976 as the Dallas Association of Legal Assistants, and changed its name in 1996.  In 1978, DAPA became affiliated with the National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA), an organization that represents approximately 9,000 paralegals nationwide.  DAPA is a voluntary non-profit corporation composed of paralegals working in all areas of the law, who are interested in furthering their own professional development, especially through PACE® and other voluntary certifications, and who are dedicated to the advancement of the paralegal profession as a whole.  The goals and purposes of DAPA are to:

  • Promote the professional development of the paralegal profession and individual paralegals;
  • Offer continuing legal education through programs, sections, seminars, and other educational media;
  • Educate members about and maintain standards of ethical conduct;
  • Educate the legal community (attorneys, judges, administrators) and the public about the paralegal role in legal services;
  • Provide services to the legal community;
  • Foster expansion of paralegal roles;
  • Communicate and collaborate with other paralegal associations; and
  • Maintain relationships with bar associations.

DAPA awards scholarships annually to students enrolled in paralegal programs at area schools.  DAPA members volunteer their time to pro bono programs and are often selected to speak at seminars, teach in local paralegals programs, and serve on the boards of directors of various corporations serving the paralegal community.

DAPA, celebrating our 40th anniversary.

Dallas Area Paralegal Association

Donations to DAPA's Scholarship Fund are greatly appreciated (Note: Donations are not tax deductible)


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