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How do I join DAPA?

Go to the Forms page, download the appropriate application (voting/non-voting, student, sustaining member), and you may pay online or send in a check along with your application. Please note, if you pay online, you still need to send in the paper application. 


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Why hasn't my check posted yet?

While DAPA makes every effort to process applications and renewals as quickly as possible, it does take some time to process, confirm eligibility and update our database.  If needed, you can contact DAPA's Executive Director, to get more specific information.

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When does my membership expire?

DAPA's membership year runs from January 1st thru December 31st of each year.

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When is my membership renewal due ?

DAPA membership renewals are due by January 31st of each year.  If you don't get your renewal in, you will lose benefits of your DAPA membership such as access to DAPA's Job Bank, Newsletters and to the Members Only section of DAPA's website.  If you have questions regarding your renewal, please contact DAPA's Executive Director, Mariela Cawthon at

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Why does it take so long for my renewal/application fee to be deposited?

All renewals and applications are mailed to DAPA’s Executive Director.  There is a process that the Executive Director performs for new applications (i.e., verifying education, employment, etc.) and background checks are performed.  Checks are not passed on to the Treasurer until all information has been verified and the application accepted.  If the check was for a renewal, the Executive Director collects these checks, enters them in a database and will then forward them on to the Treasurer for depositing.  This, too, will cause a delay.  The Executive Director works at getting all monies to the Treasurer in a timely fashion and the Treasurer deposits monies received shortly after receipt of the monies.

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