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FAQs — Vendors

How can my firm get a listing in the vendor directory?

If your firm would like to be listed in our Vendor directory, please contact our Vendor Advisor, who can assist you with any information you may need.

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Is an image required in order to have a vendor listing?

No.  Of course the more information displayed in a visually appealing manner the better.

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What are the specifications for the image that is displayed with a vendor ad?

Images can be formatted as GIF, JPG, or PGN. In order to fit within the screen real estate allocated for the image, they must not exceed 500 pixels in width.  There is no fixed requirement for image height.  Finally, the file size of the image must not exceed approximately 50KB.

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How can a vendor get more involved?

Vendors can serve on committees, such as the planning committees for the Holiday Luncheon, Paralegal Day, or Career Day and offer to help with DAPA’s service needs. A vendor may also sponsor any general membership meeting or a section meeting. Contact the Vendor Advisor; or the Program Vice President for the General Membership Meetings, or the Education Vice President for Section Meetings.

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How much does it cost to sponsor the general membership meeting?

The cost is about $50 to the vendor. DAPA asks that the vendor provide two $25 gift cards to hand out as door prizes. In exchange, the vendor may place their brochures and business cards on the dining tables and may speak for a few minutes before the door prize drawings. Typically, no other vendor should have their information on the tables.  Contact the Program Vice President for General Membership Meetings.  You may also want to sponsor a Section Meeting.  Contact the  Education VP for Section Meetings information and more details.

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What is the Vendor Fair?

The Vendor Fair is an event scheduled during the summer in place of a general membership meeting. It is a trade show of sorts, where a limited number of DAPA vendors set up tables with their brochures and literature and the members have an opportunity to meet them. The Vendor provides a door prize with a $50 minimum value as their fee and the drawings are held during the second half of the meeting. The Vendor Advisor will send out email notices regarding this event.

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What if I have a suggestion or complaint?

Please email or call the Vendor Advisor immediately with your concerns. We strive to have our organization be “member friendly” and we want to address your concerns. If it is something that needs to be brought before the Board of Directors, the Vendor Advisor will present your issue there.

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When is it time to renew my membership?

DAPA’s membership year runs from January 1 to December 31 of each calendar year. You should receive a reminder via email with a renewal form attached. Remember that the form must be returned with your check made out to DAPA.   If you have not received your renewal, please contact our Executive Director.

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How many names may I list as contacts?

Our form only allows for one name, but we understand the need for a “back up” person. Should you have a team member or supervisor who wishes to receive all the emails from the Vendor Advisor too, please notify the Vendor Advisor and they will add that name to their address book.

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How sophisticated can ad copy be? Can it include HTML?

Ad copy can include HTML, so it can be rather sophisticated.  Our webmaster has the final approval for HTML mark-up associated with an ad.

"Framed" or other content external to our website is generally not allowed.  Contact the  Website Director if framed content is of interest.

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